My Eyes On You
BeCOMING the biggest culprit of society was not enough…
My Eyes On You

“My Eyes On You” is a third-person action-adventure game with the elements of interactive movie. It is a story with a detective setting in which player assumes the role of Jordan Adalien, framed FBI detective trying to investigate the case of mysterious serial killer in a carnival mask, while being at the gunpoint of the state police.

The player will:

  • hunt down the man in the crimson mask that unleashes bloodshed throughout the streets of Chicago suburbs;
  • defend from the thugs in masks that emerge out of nowhere and all hell in the towns break loose;
  • seek clues on each level to track down Carnival Man and his choices will reflect Jordan’s beliefs about Carnival Man’s origins, motives, and how to stop him. What you believe makes all the difference in the end…

The game draws either realistic or mystical conclusions about the origin of crimes. Everything is hanged on what version of the story player chose to believe in based on found clues: a real human criminal is behind all the crimes or a mystical entity in carnival mask with supernatural powers is.

The game is introduced in the spirit of neon-noir detective, atmosphere of 80s and stylized in old Italian aesthetics within the frame of contemporary Chicago suburbs.

Main features:

  • Unique neon-noir atmosphere never before shown in games
  • Engaging story that will trigger player’s thinking on the subject of choices he usually makes in real life and how challenge in life is involved in making them
  • Need of premeditated decisions and tactics
  • Use of weaponry and available means like circuits, conduits and other systems at the disposal of a given location to progress on a level

“We let players view life differently through engaging storytelling, message, and complex gameplay.”
Storymind Entertainment is a video game development studio based in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. We are a team of professionals who have previously worked in visual effects production and various game studios of Ukraine. All our experience, talent and enthusiasm go into creating games with deep story, message, dialogues and diverse gameplay. Quality is what we’re after, and in our latest project ‘My Eyes On You’ these postulates will get an ultimate manifestation.
Val Daniels
Game Director & Game Designer
Anton Skeor
Art Director & Lead Concept Artist
Roman Saganov
Technical Director & Lead Programmer
Matthew Moffitt
Sergey Mordyuk
Project Manager & QA Lead
Volodymyr Khvostychenko
Lead 3D Artist
Nick Tyulpa
Lead Level Designer
Jacob Skidan
Lead Animator & MoCap Engineer
Roman Homenyuk
Lead Sound Designer


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My Eyes On You is being developed by Ukrainian game development studio Storymind Entertainment.
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Storymind Entertainment is a Ukrainian Game Development Studio located in Kyiv, Ukraine.
Address: Kyiv, Polis’ka str., 28B, office 48 Kyiv, Ukraine 02093
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